Department of World History
The head of the department: candidate of economic sciences, professor Sergij Osmolovskyi 
    The department of World History:
   provides teaching of complex of professional disciplines of all the directions of world history; 

   read courses: History of the ancient world, History of middle ages, New and Newest history of countries of Europe and America, New and Newest history of countries of Asia and Africa, Cultural centers of the world, Modern political systems of countries of the West and the East;

   researches problems of humanism and spirituality in the process of teaching of history at higher and middle schools;

   created a lot of monographs and train aids, scientific articles.

Tel. +38 044  244-09-09
Ukraine,  03037-37, Kyiv, Osvity str. 6, kab. 33.                                                                                                                   
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